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Nordic Light Stick
Nordic Light Stick Sale priceFrom CHF 126.00
The Retro LoftThe Retro Loft
The Retro Loft Sale priceFrom CHF 545.00
Save CHF 40.00
Glitch • Gold • 2-PackGlitch • Gold • 2-Pack
Glitch • Gold • 2-Pack Sale priceCHF 178.00 Regular priceCHF 218.00
Minimal Light BarMinimal Light Bar
Minimal Light Bar Sale priceFrom CHF 148.00
Art Deco BubbleArt Deco Bubble
Art Deco Bubble Sale priceFrom CHF 516.00
Disruption Sale priceFrom CHF 890.00
The Vibe Cloud
The Vibe Cloud Sale priceFrom CHF 339.00
Save CHF 36.00
Paris Sale priceCHF 69.00 Regular priceCHF 105.00
Smoked Loft Pendant
Smoked Loft Pendant Sale priceFrom CHF 206.00
Affluent Sale priceCHF 57.00
Cosmos PendantsCosmos Pendants
Cosmos Pendants Sale priceFrom CHF 201.00
Porcini Sale priceCHF 75.00
Nordic Pendent Drop LampNordic Pendent Drop Lamp
Nordic Pendent Drop Lamp Sale priceCHF 138.00
Nordic Light PendantNordic Light Pendant
Nordic Light Pendant Sale priceFrom CHF 87.00
Nordic Copper WineNordic Copper Wine
Nordic Copper Wine Sale priceCHF 293.00
Comos Sale priceFrom CHF 568.00
New MoonNew Moon
New Moon Sale priceFrom CHF 316.00
On sale
The Heritage Gold
The Heritage Gold Sale priceFrom CHF 660.00 Regular priceCHF 717.00
Nordic BubbleNordic Bubble
Nordic Bubble Sale priceFrom CHF 332.00
Save CHF 11.00
Nordic TulipNordic Tulip
Nordic Tulip Sale priceCHF 103.00 Regular priceCHF 114.00
The Nordic ButtonThe Nordic Button
The Nordic Button Sale priceCHF 178.00
London Loft Bubble GoldLondon Loft Bubble Gold
London Loft Bubble Gold Sale priceCHF 607.00
Rounded Light BarRounded Light Bar
Rounded Light Bar Sale priceFrom CHF 132.00
Culture Sale priceFrom CHF 327.00
Nordic Tulip PendantNordic Tulip Pendant
Nordic Tulip Pendant Sale priceCHF 114.00
Organic CoveOrganic Cove
Organic Cove Sale priceFrom CHF 263.00
DNA ChandelierDNA Chandelier
DNA Chandelier Sale priceFrom CHF 1,119.00
Blurred BubblesBlurred Bubbles
Blurred Bubbles Sale priceFrom CHF 603.00
Wood Light BarWood Light Bar
Wood Light Bar Sale priceFrom CHF 311.00
On sale
Oxford Pendant LampsOxford Pendant Lamps
Oxford Pendant Lamps Sale priceFrom CHF 57.00 Regular priceCHF 68.00
Nordic RingsNordic Rings
Nordic Rings Sale priceFrom CHF 712.00
Mystic GlobesMystic Globes
Mystic Globes Sale priceFrom CHF 688.00
On sale
Blade Light BarBlade Light Bar
Blade Light Bar Sale priceFrom CHF 286.00 Regular priceCHF 321.00
On sale
The EclipseThe Eclipse
The Eclipse Sale priceFrom CHF 137.00 Regular priceCHF 160.00
The Heritage BlackThe Heritage Black
The Heritage Black Sale priceFrom CHF 660.00
Outdoor Minimal Light Bar
Outdoor Minimal Light Bar Sale priceFrom CHF 91.00
Nordic Crystal ChandelierNordic Crystal Chandelier
Nordic Crystal Chandelier Sale priceFrom CHF 402.00
Save CHF 35.00
London Loft Bubble DropLondon Loft Bubble Drop
London Loft Bubble Drop Sale priceCHF 458.00 Regular priceCHF 493.00
Lollipop Wall LampLollipop Wall Lamp
Lollipop Wall Lamp Sale priceCHF 109.00
Nordic FlameNordic Flame
Nordic Flame Sale priceFrom CHF 270.00
Minimal Accent LightMinimal Accent Light
Minimal Accent Light Sale priceFrom CHF 87.00
Save CHF 40.00
Glitch • Black • 2-PackGlitch • Black • 2-Pack
Glitch • Black • 2-Pack Sale priceCHF 178.00 Regular priceCHF 218.00
Nordic GlobeNordic Globe
Nordic Globe Sale priceCHF 447.00
Sone Table LampSone Table Lamp
Sone Table Lamp Sale priceCHF 259.00
Save CHF 110.00
Nordic Floor GlobesNordic Floor Globes
Nordic Floor Globes Sale priceCHF 573.00 Regular priceCHF 683.00
Save CHF 40.00
Glitch • Grey Stone • 2-PackGlitch • Grey Stone • 2-Pack
Glitch • Grey Stone • 2-Pack Sale priceCHF 178.00 Regular priceCHF 218.00
Save CHF 40.00
Glitch • Black and Gold • 2-PackGlitch • Black and Gold • 2-Pack
Glitch • Black and Gold • 2-Pack Sale priceCHF 178.00 Regular priceCHF 218.00
On sale
Silk Glow PendantsSilk Glow Pendants
Silk Glow Pendants Sale priceFrom CHF 378.00 Regular priceCHF 401.00
Save CHF 40.00
Glitch • White Stone • 2-PackGlitch • White Stone • 2-Pack
Glitch • White Stone • 2-Pack Sale priceCHF 178.00 Regular priceCHF 218.00
Nordic Dream • 2-PackNordic Dream • 2-Pack
Nordic Dream • 2-Pack Sale priceFrom CHF 334.00