Nordic Crystal Chandelier
from CHF 407.00
The Retro Loft
from CHF 406.00
from CHF 610.00
The Heritage Gold
Regular price CHF 726.00 Sale pricefrom CHF 668.00
The Heritage Black
Regular price CHF 726.00 Sale pricefrom CHF 668.00
The Vibe Cloud
from CHF 291.00
Smoked Loft Pendant
from CHF 208.00
Cosmos Pendants
from CHF 157.00
DNA Chandelier
from CHF 1,046.00
Mystic Globes
from CHF 464.00
Nordic Globe
CHF 452.00
from CHF 575.00
Art Deco Bubble
from CHF 522.00
London Loft Bubble Gold
CHF 615.00
Nordic Bubble
from CHF 336.00
Nordic Tulip Pendant
CHF 115.00
Nordic Light Pendant
from CHF 88.00
Blurred Bubbles
from CHF 610.00
Nordic Rings
from CHF 720.00
Oxford Pendant Lamps
Regular price CHF 69.00 Sale pricefrom CHF 57.00
New Moon
from CHF 320.00
Sold Out
Blurred Retro
from CHF 455.00
Organic Cove
from CHF 174.00
Organic Dome
from CHF 348.00
Blade Light Bar
Regular price CHF 324.00 Sale pricefrom CHF 290.00
Silk Glow Pendants
Regular price CHF 406.00 Sale pricefrom CHF 383.00
Wood Light Bar
from CHF 315.00
London Loft Bubble Drop
Regular price CHF 499.00 Sale priceCHF 464.00